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Published by DK

By Ro Huntriss

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About Deliciously Healthy Fertility

Explore the impact diet and lifestyle can have on fertility, and boost your chances of conception with over 60 delicious recipes.

While some people looking to conceive can become pregnant quickly, this is not the case for all. In fact, just over 15 per cent of people trying for a baby will take longer than a year trying to conceive – a statistic that immediately puts them into a bracket labelled "infertile". 

Ro Huntriss breaks down the science behind the effect nutrition can have on fertility. Split into two halves, the first chapter offers the science and research behind the dietary choices being advocated, while the second chapter includes over 60 inspiring recipes to help readers achieve the health benefits. With the right diet and lifestyle the age of fertility can be optimized, while also having a positive impact on new mothers healthily coming to term.  

This fertility cookbook aims to: 

- Take readers through the lifestyle choices that can impact fertility whilst also looking at lifestyle changes that could optimise the age couples remain fertile for.
- Introduce readers to alternative routes to fertility (such as IVF), taking couples experiencing reduced fertility into account.
- Aid both men and women, debunking long-held myths that problems with fertility are attributable to women.
- Offer 60 recipes (50 photographed; 10 unphotographed) to provide pragmatic solutions to the scientific advice.

Based on scientific research, this is an inclusive nutritional guide, for all couples, whether they are starting their journey to conception, are experiencing reduced fertility caused by conditions such as low sperm production or polycystic ovary syndrome, or are looking at alternative routes to fertility, such as IVF.