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Published by DK

By Anthony Gladman

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About Gin A Tasting Course

The ultimate visual guide for all things gin, from botanicals and styles to producers, distillation processes, and tastings.

Become a gin expert and discover your own gin tasting experience.

A relatively loose definition of gin has allowed for a boom in specialist gin distilleries and an ever-broadening range of floral, citrus, herbal, spiced, fruity, and umami gins. Originally sought after for its host of medicinal properties, curing (almost) everything from the pestilence to malaria, gin has seen many peaks in its popularity. But the spirit’s long history has at times been murky, its history firmly rooted in and tied to Empire, a slide into being known as "mother’s ruin", and a large part to play in the rise of abstinence movements. It has not always been the carefree spirit we know today.

Join award-winning drinks writer Anthony Gladman as he explores the story of gin, from ancient uses to its present-day renaissance, offers insight into the unique distillation processes, teaches you to establish and develop your own palate and write your own tasting notes, before guiding you through over 100 of the most exciting gins from across the world. Featuring a classic cocktail section and how to make an icon – the G&T – as well as the spirit’s impact on the climate and the ways the industry is changing as a result. This is an all-encompassing guide to the ongoing story of gin – its heritage and innovation – and a celebration of the multitude of complex flavors present in the spirit today.