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Published by DK

By Chris Napier

RRP: $21.99

About Science of Running

Revolutionize your running techniques! Learn how to run better and faster, with more energy while avoiding injury. 

There is a science to running, and now you can learn about it too! Whether you are new to running, or have conquered a few marathons in your time, this runner's guide will show you how to train efficiently, find a suitable running regime, and master the art of running for life!

Inside the pages of this running book, you’ll find:

- Explanations on the anatomy and physiology of the runner.
- Easy-to-read descriptions of how running involves every system in the body.
- A scientific breakdown of what happens under the skin at every stage of the running cycle.
- Featuring anatomy of common injuries and exercise programs for both prevention and recovery.
- 30 key exercises and how to perfect precision to optimize their benefits.
- Bespoke training plans for runners at all levels.

Expert-led insights backed by scientific research will show you how to start running, how to run faster, and how to improve your flexibility and gait for running efficiency and safety. 

Included in the Science of Running are exercises and training programs that target each muscle to ensure you become a stronger, better runner. The clear CGI images show annotations to muscle mechanics so you know you are taking the right steps and perfecting technique.                                             

Learn the science behind your body’s energy systems, proper hydration and nutrition. 
From long-distance to marathon running, this sports book will completely transform your performance of injury-free running and help you to smash your goals one step at a time, proving the ideal running gift for the fitness fanatic in your life.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery.

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