The Complete Human Body

Hardback cover of The Complete Human Body

Published by DK

By Alice Roberts

RRP: $50.00

About The Complete Human Body

The definitive guide to the development, form, function, and disorders of the human body.

The most detailed popular reference book on human anatomy available, this beautiful exploration of the human body is now in its third edition, revised with the latest medical knowledge. Although used by students and healthcare professionals, it is accessible enough for anyone to dip into and enjoy.

Guided by Professor Alice Roberts, renowned academic, author, and broadcaster, and groundbreaking 3-D computer-generated illustrations, you will understand the human body as never before, explore human anatomy in incredible detail and clarity, and discover how the body works, how it changes from infancy to old age, and what can go wrong and why.

Dive into the pages of this brilliant book on the human body, to discover:

- A region-by-region anatomy atlas allows the reader to explore the body up close and almost life-size from head to toe.
- A functional section then shows how the body works, system by system.
- Feature panels and spreads throughout explore fascinating aspects of the human body.
- Diseases and disorders section includes easy-to-follow summaries of over 200 health conditions.

The Complete Human Body begins with a region-by-region anatomical atlas, containing extra detail on the hands, feet, and major joints. It features a functional section on how the body works, system by system. Finally, the diseases and disorders section includes easy-to-follow summaries of over 200 health conditions

The 3D computer-generated illustrations are incredibly detailed, virtually life-size, and based on the 3D scans of a real human body. But in addition, the book features hundreds of smaller illustrations, diagrams, and the latest medical and microscope imaging. The Complete Human Body is perfect for students and teachers of biology, anatomy, and physiology as well as health professionals.