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Published by DK

By Amber Hunt, Emily G. Thompson

RRP: $19.99

About Unsolved Murders

Ever wondered who murdered JonBenét Ramsey, or who terrorized San Francisco as the Zodiac Killer? Puzzled over the notorious Black Dahlia murder, or the mysterious Long Island Serial Killer case?

This true crime book makes you the detective, investigating some of the most infamous unsolved cases of the 20th and 21st centuries. Crime scenes, crucial evidence, witnesses, and persons of interest are clearly and concisely presented, along with essential details and clues, so you can judge for yourself: who could have done it?

Unsolved Murders also profiles the psychology of the killer, discusses the background and life of the unfortunate victim (or victims), and explores how these horrific crimes impacted the victim's family and friends. From domestic tragedies to serial killers with a love for the macabre, this book will have you returning to the cases again and again. Can you unlock the secrets of these unsolved crimes where others have failed? (We can't promise that the book will give you the solution!)

Presented in a beautiful hardcover format you will be proud to read on your commute or display on your coffee table, Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered is like having your favorite true crime podcast or documentary at your fingertips every day.