Animals Up Close

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Published by DK Children

By Igor Siwanowicz

RRP: $16.99

About Animals Up Close

Get closer to your favorite animals through amazing nature photography

See the world's most fascinating animals closer and more vividly than you've ever seen before, through stunning, larger-than-life photography in this modern DK classic.

Young readers will be fascinated by stories such as the crab that carries its home on its back, or the salamander that turns from a fish into an amphibian as it grows. They will be absorbed by the incredible detail showcased in these amazing images, from the fine structure of bird's feathers to the neon green scales of a gecko. Fun, flowing text delivers in-depth information about life in different habitats and how animals have adapted to thrive in these places.

Innovative, contemporary design and DK's characteristically reliable and interesting information combine in Animals Up Close to create the perfect nature book for children.