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Thank you for your interest in Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

If you would like to use or reproduce material from one of our books, you will need to request permission.

Please follow the steps set out below and apply by completing our request form.

The form is available for download as Word or PDF format.

As we receive a very large number of requests each day, please allow up to ten (10) weeks to receive a response.


Before applying for permission, please make sure your request is for material published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

You can check who publishes the material you want to use by looking at the copyright page inside the book.

If you would like to reproduce or translate the entire text of a work, please contact the DK International Sales Team at: dkinternationalsales@uk.dk.com.

If you establish that the material you want to use is published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd, please proceed to Step 2. 

Complete the request form

The form is available for download as Word or PDF format.

We can deal with permission requests for the following:

1. Extracts

2. Photocopying (if over 10% of the work)

3. Prop usage

4. Non-dramatic straight reading of all or part of a work

5. Cover and image reproduction

6. Accessible format files for the reading impaired

7. Dramatisation (please note your request may be forwarded to our Rights department)


To ensure that your request is processed as quickly as possible, please make sure you complete all required fields in the form. Where appropriate a fee will be charged.

Please email your completed permission request to:


Please note that Dorling Kindersley Limited is a member of the Penguin Random House division of Bertelsmann.