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Published by DK Children

RRP: £16.99

About Why? Encyclopedia

This perfect first reference book brings key subjects - such as science, geography, and history - to life. Lavish 3D digital illustrations and an interactive question-and-answer format together create an engaging and accessible insight into a number of key topics.

Why? Encyclopedia focuses on the subjects children really want to know about. It covers all of the areas you would expect in a kids' encyclopedia - including space, animals and the human body - but presents each through questions kids ask, such as "Why does it rain?". Answers are provided through a combination of eye-catching CGI artworks, enhanced photographs, and clear text explanations.

This refreshed version of the first book in a hugely successful series (over 640,000 copies sold worldwide) brings the latest updates in ever-changing topics, such as space exploration, as well as a number of new pages on interesting topics, including artificial intelligence, climate change, pandemics, and gravity.