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Published by DK Children

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About Why? Encyclopedia

If you're always asking why, what, when, and where, get ready to have all your questions answered!

This exciting visual encyclopaedia is perfect for curious children everywhere. Packed with breathtaking 3D digital images and crammed full of fantastic facts and trillions of trivia, this is your one-stop shop for stunning reference. You'll love learning as key subjects are brought to life with an easy, interactive question and answer format.

Divided into sections on science, space, history, human body, Earth, and nature, the questions keep coming to amaze and inspire young readers. Why am I ticklish? Why does it rain? Why do lions have fur? Why do I get hungry? Why does metal rust? What is a rainbow? How many animals are in the world? How many stars are in Space? How did dinosaurs survive for so long? Could you live on the Moon? What are Saturn's rings made of? Where does the Sun go at night? Find out all this and much, much more inside the Why? Encyclopedia.

Covering the whys and wherefores of everything you ever wanted to know, this unputdownable book will boost your brain with all the answers to impress friends and family. Why don't you see for yourself?