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Published by DK Children

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About Picturepedia

Discover everything you could ever know about science and technology, nature, geography, culture, sports and hobbies, and history in this vibrant visual encyclopedia for children!

Did you know that more than half of the human body's weight is water, and that a koi carp can live for more than 200 years? Or how about there being more than 20,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, or that Turkey eats the most bread, with each person getting through 104.6 kg of it every year? You can learn all these things and more with Picturepedia, and become an expert in everything from incredible insects and musical instruments, to space-craft, prehistoric life and everything in between, with this engaging encyclopedia for children aged 9-12.

Celebrate your child's curiosity as they explore:

- Each topic is covered on one double-page spread
- Comprehensive coverage of over 150 popular topics.
- Each topic is illustrated with up to 100 photos, graphics, and illustrations.
- Fun, visual approach combines unprecedented density of detail with crystal-clear structure.
- Includes timelines, top ten lists, step by steps, fun facts, and more.

First published in 2015, Picturepedia has been revamped into a more thrilling edition that will take you on a visual odyssey. This captivating kid's enyclopedia is jam-packed with stunning photographs, gripping information, and explanatory diagrams that allow for fascinating discoveries. Newly updated with thousands of pictures and fascinating facts about science, nature, culture, sports, and history, Picturepedia is the ultimate visual encyclopedia for kids.

With 5 core chapters split into the topics of Science and Technology, Nature, Geography, Culture, Sports and Hobbies, there truly is something for every avid young reader to explore and learn, making this an excellent reference book for curriculum-based homework help. The striking graphics and illustrations featured throughout provide an optimum visual learning experience for children ages 9-12 years, that adults can also enjoy. With over 10,000 images in total, more so than any other encyclopaedia on the market, this enthralling children's encyclopedia can make a beautiful and educational gift that can be passed down generations.