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Published by DK Children

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About Knowledge Encyclopedia

An incredible, educational journey through space and time on planet Earth and beyond. The perfect children's encyclopedia for a young explorer.

This bold kid's encyclopedia uses ground-breaking CGI imagery to reveal the world as you've never seen it before. Informative, diverse in subject matter, easy to read and brimming with beautiful graphics that make it a truly immersive reading experience.

Part of a fantastic series of kid's educational books. Explore the incredibly detailed cross-sections and cutaways that reveal the inner workings of just about everything.

Look inside an Apollo spacecraft, a volcano, or the body of a T-rex! Learn about the Big Bang and the science behind fireworks. Then explore the galaxies and stars back to Earth, and in and around the mechanics of the human body.

This fully updated edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfect reference book for inquisitive minds of all ages, covering space, Earth, nature, the human body, science, and history. More than a general knowledge book, jam-packed with fun facts about the world, it includes fascinating statistics, maps, timelines, graphics, and superb photorealistic cross-sections. A family encyclopedia that makes the most complex subjects easy to understand, so anyone can go on an adventure through its pages.

Explore, Discover And Learn!

Spend quality time exploring our universe with your children, accompanied by impressive visuals to engage their senses.

Discover the mysteries of Tutankhamun's tomb, what powers tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes or witness the birth of a star in all its glory and learn about the secrets held in our DNA. You can also go back in time to the building of the Great Wall of China or walk the scarred battlefields of two World Wars.

DK's Knowledge Encyclopedia uncovers the marvels of our world in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism.

This educational book opens the world in new ways through:

-Amazing insights into space and the universe
-Interesting facts about Earth include:
-A closer look at nature
-Diving into the human body
-The amazing world of science
-Our world's history

Knowledge Encyclopedia is part of the Knowledge Encyclopedia educational series. Complete the collection to keep your little ones entertained while learning more about the world around them. This series includes titles such as Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! History!, Space!, Ocean! and more.