Fishy Tales

eBook cover of Fishy Tales

Published by DK Children

RRP: £1.99

About Fishy Tales

Find out about ocean life and learn to read with Fishy Tales, a DK Reader, now an ebook

Fishy Tales is a Level 1 DK Reader that takes the reader on a journey through a coral reef, where children can watch small fish swim in and out of the coral and jellyfish float up and down in the waves. Now in ebook format, with read-along function which makes learning to read even more exciting - follow the voice and the words on the screen and have fun with your child as they gain confidence.

Level 1 DK Readers are great for children who are beginning to learn to read. They feature limited vocabulary and lots of word repetition to engage young fans and build their literary skills. Join your child in reading by using the interactive read-along feature, or let them build confidence on their own, whatever you decide, Fishy Tales will make reading fun.