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Published by DK Children

By Steve Backshall

Read by Charles Armstrong

RRP: £5.99

About Sharks

Jump headfirst into the world of sharks! Discover their habitat, hunting habits, and biology.

Children ages 9 years and up will love learning about one of the most fascinating and terrifying sea animals. Swim through shark-infested waters (if you dare!) and discover the different types of sharks, the fastest ones, their highly adapted senses, and what makes them such deadly predators.

Inside the pages of this exciting educational shark book, you'll find:

- Fun, humorous, exciting stories to engage young readers interested in the world of sharks and their prey
- Detailed illustrations and photographs
- A reference section with key facts, timelines, and a glossary of terms

Did you know that great white sharks have over 300 sharp teeth and that sharks have been swimming in Earth's waters for 400 million years - that's 175 million before dinosaurs! These incredible yet fearsome fish have evolved to be some of the most captivating creatures of all time. With hair-raising jaws and an insatiable appetite, it's easy to see why!

This shark book covers everything young children would like to know about sharks - and sets the record straight on the most dangerous, biggest, and fastest ones. They'll learn about shark's skeletons and what their skins are made of, how sharks breathe, what sharks hunt, how they use their fins to navigate the waters, which sharks always win the race - and that some sharks are so quick that they can jump out the water! Packed with expert knowledge and fun facts, shark illustrations, fun stories, and anecdotes - Megabites Sharks brings the world of sharks to life wherever you are!

DK's Megabites series uncovers the secrets of history, science, and the natural world. Each book includes expert knowledge, fun facts you need on each topic and beautiful illustrations. If your kids loved Megabites Sharks they will also enjoy Megabites Codebreakers and Megabites Explorers.