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Published by DK Children

RRP: £4.99

About Ultimate Sticker Book Sharks

With fun-filled quizzes, loads of shark facts, and over 250 stickers, this shark book will provide children with hours of educational fun!

Travel to the depths of the ocean to learn all about the amazing sharks that live in the deep. This colourful children's activity book contains reusable and easy-to-peel stickers - perfect for little fingers to add to pages as they read and learn!

Sharks Ultimate Sticker Book is the perfect way to engage children with fun facts and interactive reading. Inside the book you'll find:

- Over 250 reusable stickers that are easy to peel and stick to pages or other surfaces
- A variety of activities including a quiz, follow-the-trail, and creative sticker activities
- Interesting facts that help children discover more about sharks - the different species, what they ate, and where they lived
- Bright and colourful pictures paired with educational content that keeps children engaged

Go on an ocean adventure meet some of the seas' most fascinating creatures - sharks. These maritime animals have captured the imagination of children for decades and continue to awaken their curiosity. Young marine biologists will be delighted to page through this book and meet sharks such as spotted leopard sharks, fearsome great whites, and gruesome goblin sharks. Learn all about how these sharks live, hunt, and eat.

This book allows children to learn while they create: they're able to fill in scenes, construct their own, find and match stickers, and even answer fun quiz questions. With hours of discovery ahead this sticker book is a wonderful educational tool or gift for children between 4-7 years old.

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