Step-by-Step Baking Cakes

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Published by DK

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About Step-by-Step Baking Cakes

Step-by-Step Baking Cakes is the perfect guide to have to hand when you're mastering the craft of cake baking. Perfect the art of sponges, cheesecakes, tarts and meringues with 100 classic cake recipes plus exciting variations for when you're feeling more adventurous.

Step-by-Step Baking Cakes features:

- Photo sequences of 20 different techniques for classic recipes such as swiss rolls, carrot cake, whoopie pies, and scones

- At-a-glance icons with serving information, prep and cook times, and freezing guidelines

- "Baker's Tips" boxes to ensure professional results every time

Featuring over 100 delicious recipes with simple instructions and photography guiding you every step of the way, Step-by-Step Baking Cakes will help you bake all the world's favourite cake recipes every time.