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Published by DK

By Anna Higham

RRP: £22.00

"<b> Best Cookbooks of 2022 </b>- This is a book that will suit <i>Bake Off</i> fans and experienced bakers keen to build on their skills, but there is plenty of clear-eyed advice here for bakers who are just starting out, too."

"What award-winning pastry Chef Anna Higham doesn't know about baking is not worth knowing. This revolutionary dessert cookbook covers everything from skills and seasonings, to techniques and tasting [...] this cookbook will soon become your baking bible."

Evening Standard

"<b>A new voice in cookery</b>"

Waitrose Weekend

"A quiet homage to the joys of fruit"

Waitrose Weekend

"This book will give you a pastry chef's eye for an excellent seasonal British harvest and the best ways to really do it justice [...] Even the most inexperienced cooks will feel confident making something special"

Great British Food

About The Last Bite

Celebrate dessert's like never before with this all-encompassing baking book that explores innovative flavour combinations of puddings, pastries and more!

"First and foremost, make it delicious. Your goal is to make even those who 'don't do desserts' lick their plate clean - it has to be delicious from first to last bite."

Award-winning pastry chef Anna Higham brings you a revolutionary recipe book that gives dessert a new name! Let Anna help you learn how to approach creating a dessert as you would do savoury cooking: by engaging your senses, tasting, seasoning, and letting your ingredients shine.

Exploring key ingredients season by season, this baking bible can really help you to understand the "how" and "why" of dessert cooking, whilst teaching you how to work with fruit, grains, fats and chocolate, top tips on how to construct a dessert, how to interrogate seasoning, structure, and texture to magnify flavour and taste.

With passion and puddings on every page, you can explore:

-Over 150 base recipes and over 40 plated dishes including bakes, tarts, jams, mousses, meringues, ice creams and more
-87 recipe and produce photographs, and illustrated openers

So whether you've taken up baking during lockdown and looking to broaden your palate, or you're already a professional, looking to expand your knowledge and skill-set in dessert-making, The Last Bite celebrates a whole new approach to modern desserts, which is sure to delight. From ricotta ice cream and roasted peaches in the summer, to apple crisps and pear sorbet in the autumn, transition effortlessly into rhubarb rice pudding and puff pastry in the winter, before indulging in milk meringues and prune purees in the springtime.

No other book on the market approaches dessert cooking at the same level that chefs consider savoury cooking, and author Anna Higham is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. After learning her trade at The Gordon Ramsay Group, Anna took roles at Gramercy Tavern in New York and Lyle's and Flor in London. She is winner of the baking category at the 2019 Young British Foodie awards, and was named as one of Code Hospitality's 100 Most Influential Women in Hospitality 2020!