Pocket Eyewitness Sharks

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Published by DK Children

RRP: £3.99

About Pocket Eyewitness Sharks

Pack a world of knowledge in your pocket

Get fast facts at your fingertips with DK Pocket Eyewitness Sharks on the Kindle Fire. Packed with bite-sized chunks of interactive information that will encourage and inform even the most reluctant readers. From sharks and rays, skates and all their other relatives; find out exactly how large or small they are, where they swim and what they really eat. Plus, explore the anatomy of sharks and rays and learn about shark conservation.

With 204 screens of amazing encyclopedic stats and 13 galleries full of colour pictures to provide extra wow, DK Pocket Eyewitness Sharks is perfect for school projects. There's a catalogue of shark species that will help you discover the variety of life under the sea, and every shark has its own screen, as well as additional info in "Look Closer" sections that will have you bursting to show off your know-how about these predators of the deep.