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About Plant

Here is an exciting and informative look at the fascinating natural world of plants. Stunning real-life photographs of flowers, fruits, seeds, and leaves offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the natural history of plant anatomy and growth.

See the biggest flower in the world, where a seed develops, what the inside of a plant stem looks like, how a flower attracts insects, what a plant's reproductive organs look like, and how a dandelion spreads its seeds. Learn how plants defend themselves, why flowers are brightly coloured, how a plant can climb, why some plants feed on insects, and why some plants have no seeds. Discover why some plants have spines and stingers, what plants looked like millions of years ago, how plants survive in the desert, how plants turn sunlight into energy, and much, much more.

Explore the captivating world of plants - from flowers and fruit to plants that sting and even eat creatures!

This revised and updated ebook edition in PDF format also features a reference section.