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Published by DK Children

RRP: £6.99

"With exciting activities, like bark rubbing, and plenty of fun facts, Nature Explorers Woodland and Forest is a must for children curious about forests and woodlands."

The Green Parent

"This crafty book introduces little ones to forest life."

Little London

"A super little hardback book filled with all manner of facts about forests"


"DK books never disappoint especially when it comes to their non-fiction books... We loved reading this book and are ready to go to our local woodland and identify as much as we can"


"Filled to the brim with interesting facts that we enjoyed reading together"


"This book is beautiful to look at and crammed full of brilliant facts on types of trees and plants and what to look for when you're out in a forest"


"Full of interesting facts that gets the mind racing and eager to get out in the fresh air. Lovely book"


"My six year old really enjoyed this book, she liked the range of what was included in the book and how it was broken up into sections.... she is adamant this book is worthy of five stars"


About Woodland and Forest

A fantastic first book on forests, this book is ideal for children eager to explore the woodlands of the world.

From cold coniferous forests to dry deciduous woodland, children can discover everything about trees and the creatures who live in them, including birds, gorillas, butterflies, and many more. Learn about the different types of forests that exist around the world, such as the Amazon Rainforest in South America and mangrove forests in Asia.

With exciting activities, including bark rubbing, and plenty of fun facts, Nature Explorers: Woodland and Forest is the perfect book for children curious about forests and woodlands.

About the series:

The Nature Explorers series is a fantastic first set of books on the great outdoors for children aged 6 to 8.

From birds, to weather, to the seashore, and more, the key topics of each subject are explained with plenty of fun activities to do along the way, encouraging kids to investigate and record everything they see.

Fully updated with a contemporary design, DK's Nature Explorers series is perfect for kids who are curious about the world outside and want to discover nature.