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Published by DK Children

RRP: £9.99

About Horse

Gallop into the world of horses with this picture-packed, fact-filled book.

Eyewitness Horse is an essential guide to these incredible creatures for young animal-lovers. With stunning photography and incredible facts to pour over, meet different horse breeds, from the tiny Shetland pony to the towering Percheron, as well as wild asses and zebras. Understand how horses evolved from their ancient ancestors to be domesticated and occupy a unique place alongside humans throughout history. Eyewitness Horse is essential reading to appreciate how majestic our biggest companions really are.

Part of DK's best-selling Eyewitness series, which is now getting an exciting makeover, this popular title has been reinvigorated with a fresh new look, new photographs, updated information, and a new "eyewitness" feature - fascinating first-hand accounts from experts in the field. Readers will also get a giant fold-out poster packed with gorgeous photographs and fascinating facts, which serves as a useful reference tool on their bedroom or classroom wall.

Eyewitness Horse is the perfect for homework help or for young readers who love horses and want to know more.