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Published by DK Children

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About Pocket Eyewitness Horses

Saddle up and jump into the wonderful world of horses with the perfect guide for any fan who wants to know everything about horses and ponies.

Discover more than 135 horse and pony breeds, from the Holstein to the Shetland, the Swedish Warmblood to the Hackney Pony, and learn about the different colours and markings horses can have. Look at how the equine family has evolved from a small deer-like creature and delve into horse behaviour. Find out how they are used in sports and at work, and even learn about a horse's anatomy.
Giving you fast facts for kids at your fingertips, Pocket Eyewitness Horses makes learning about horses even more exciting, with bite-sized chunks of information and vibrant photography bringing the horses and ponies alive on the page.

Packed with amazing encyclopedic stats, helpful photographs for each horse and pony entry, and genius gem facts, Pocket Eyewitness Horses will help you get to know your trot from your canter and tell you everything you need to know about horses in this handy pocket-sized guide.