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Published by DK Children

RRP: £12.99

"My little boy really enjoyed this... Great for encouraging children with gardening"


"It's great for older nursery and younger school aged children... This is a fantastic source of gardening information portrayed in an age-appropriate manner... this is a fantastic resource that kept my daughter's interest very well"


"What a gorgeous book about growing flowers, packed full with lots of information, facts and pictures. Highly recommended"


"A wonderful book to spark the love of the outdoors"


"This is a really nice, simple and well illustrated book for preschool and reception children... a lovely idea for a book for young ones"


"Perfect read to the aspiring young gardener"


About RHS I Can Grow A Sunflower

Winner of the silver award at the Junior Design Awards 2018 - Best Pre-Schooler Book 2-5 Years

"This is a wonderful first gardening book for young children that perfectly captures the magic of growing a beautiful plant from a tiny seed." - Jamie Butterworth, RHS Ambassador

A delightful introduction to plant life and nature, as little ones get hands-on to grow their own sunflowers. Includes sunflower seeds, a sunflower height chart, and exciting flaps.

RHS I Can Grow a Sunflower is a friendly approach to plant science and a great gift for little gardeners. Sixteen bright board book pages reveal the life cycle of a sunflower, and the excitement of growing a plant from seed.

Little children follow the journey of a mystery seed, learning how to plant it, and what it needs to grow. Could it magically become the tallest of all the garden flowers? RHS I Can Grow a Sunflower includes facts about garden creatures, from the helpful ladybird to busy worms, and the visiting bees and butterflies who spread pollen.

Children will enjoy read-aloud text, easy-to-follow pictures that show the life cycle of a sunflower - underground, above ground, and through the year - and flaps that show plants growing and creatures hiding.

RHS I Can Grow a Sunflower includes a packet of sunflower seeds and a height chart that reinforces how tall a sunflower grows, making this the perfect book for getting young gardeners hands-on for the very first time.