The Grandparents' Book

eBook cover of The Grandparents' Book

Published by DK

By Miriam Stoppard

Created by Jinny Johnson

RRP: £6.99

About The Grandparents' Book

Reassuring advice, experience and wisdom from childcare expert Dr. Miriam Stoppard, a grandmother herself several times over. Every grandparent wants to make the most of life with their new grandchildren. But how can you build a close relationship? How far should you get involved? What about financial planning for the future? Discover not just how to be a good grandparent, but a really great grandparent.

Get involved – discover the vital nurturing role you can play and how to build that unique closeness. Be sensitive – sensible guidelines on how to build a wonderful relationship with your grandchildren while respecting parents’ boundaries. Have fun – great ideas for days out, holidays and activities you will all enjoy.

Discover how to make the most of this very special relationship.