The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book

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Published by DK

By Maggie Blott

RRP: £25.00

About The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book

DK brings you an all-encompassing and illustrated guide to your pregnancy journey, from the moment of conception to the first two weeks of your newborn's life.

Becoming pregnant is a beautiful moment in any person's life, and with this one-stop pregnancy guide by your side, you will be fully-equipped from beginning to end of your joyful journey.

With day-by-day artworks and fetal images showcasing your baby's development, this comprehensive pregnancy book is perfect for both first-time mums and experienced parents alike.

Dive right in to discover:

-A day-by-day structure with unmatched detail for every step of the journey
-An hour-by-hour account of the crucial 12 hours post-delivery
-Illustrated artwork to show fetal development throughout the stages of pregnancy

As your due date approaches, this baby development book explores all the options available for your labour and birth so you can make the right choice with confidence, and also breaks down your delivery and the first 12 hours after childbirth. The day-by-day format continues for the first two weeks postpartum as you embark on life with your newborn.

All the latest medical advice for mums-to-be is covered, including guidance on nutrition and exercise, so you'll understand how to keep you and your baby happy and healthy throughout pregnancy.

Featuring Q&As with both experts and mums also provides extra support, answering common questions and offering reassurance for any questions or concerns you may have about pregnancy, from your pregnancy diet, to the first 40 days, this baby parenting book truly does have it all.

The ideal gift for expectant mothers who are seeking a healthy and happy pregnancy every step of the way, and a must-have parenting book for those who seek a detailed account of labour, birth, and exploring all the options available during pregnancy care.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So with The Day By Day Pregnancy Book by your side, we assure you will feel safe and supported during this special time in your life, as you count down the days to your new arrival!