eBook cover of Pirate-o-pedia

Published by DK Children

RRP: £4.99

About Pirate-o-pedia

Ahoy there! Take a journey to the secret world of pirates

Prepare your eyepatch and polish your sword — you’re about to board the wildest ship on the seven seas!

When you return from this time-travel journey, you’ll have encountered every cruel cutthroat, visited every piratical place, and fought in every bloody battle from the beginning of pirate time to this very day. If you’re thorough, you’ll have read all the classic pirate stories from Treasure Island to Kidnapped! plundered sinister stickers, solved the clues on the fold out treasure map and unearthed a secret online prize!

So gather your wits, young pirate, and brush up on your seafaring skills —we’d like you to come back without a peg leg. (You can keep the parrot.)

It’s a pirate adventure – are you brave enough to take it?