I'm Rich, You're Poor

Hardback cover of I'm Rich, You're Poor

Published by DK

By Shabaz Ali

RRP: £14.99

"Hilarious and thought provoking!"

Davina McCall

"<p>Sharp commentary, delivered with wit<br>and in a fuzzy onesie, puts these topics into clearer context.</p>"

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

"<p>Smart, witty and refreshing – had me laughing out loud one<br>second and thinking deeply the next.</p>"

Katie Piper OBE

"<p>A brilliantly witty, always hilarious and unapologetically cutting<br>take on everything that is wrong with social media. I’ve never<br>loved Quavers so much!</p>"

Dr Ranj

"This book is ‘vicked!’ Silly, funny, yet very insightful."

Tez Ilyas

"<p>As a fellow povvo, I love Shabaz and this book because it is<br>informative, hilarious and relatable.</p>"

Fats Timbo

"<p>I love this book as much as I love my fridge full of assorted<br>flavour ice! Will make you fall in love with social media again.</p>"

Laura Whitmore

About I'm Rich, You're Poor

The world is full of books about how to be rich. This is not one of them.

Today, many of us are feeling the pinch - and being bombarded with portrayals of social media 'perfection' is making that pinch feel more like a punch.

We may know that social media - with all its billionaires and beauty queens - is just a highlight reel. So why is it still making most of us feel so low?

Comedian Shabaz Ali wants to help you see the funny side of social media again. Because while it looks nice to live up in an ivory tower, this book reminds us that it is much more fun to be part of the baying mob that surrounds it.

This laugh-out-loud deep-dive into social media's ridiculously rich, will help you love your own penny-pinched, rough-around-the-edges, extraordinarily ordinary life.