Achieving High Performance

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Published by DK

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About Achieving High Performance

DK brings you a practical guide summarising the skills and secrets you need to succeed in life and achieve optimum performance at all times!

Introducing DK'S Essential Managers - a one-stop guide full of top tips to boost productivity, performance and passion within a business environment.

Jam-packed with tools needed to thrive in a business environment, from negotiating to networking, developing your brand to dealing with difficulties, this business management book offers the latest tips and tricks on maximising work-place productivity and will boost your performance like never before.

Enveloped in a slim and sleek design, Essential Managers encompasses:
-Step-by-step instructions adopting a 'how-to' approach across a broad range of themes
-Highly effective 'ask yourself' questions to encourage self-reflection and self-growth.
-A strategic focus on analysing strengths and weaknesses to achieve practical business goals
-Latest guidance on maximising efficiency when working from home

Your time is precious, so why waste it?

With power to every page, discover top tips on how to make bold business decisions; chair meetings; manage teams and more. Invest in this must-have management book and you will be well on your way to boosting your business!
Whatever your business goals may be, this book provides all the tools you need to achieve high performance and soar into success.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why not dive deeper into our Essential Managers series? A total of 10 titles, this curated collection of business books will help you hone your power and maximise your potential as an effective manager. Learn how to develop your leadership skills with Essential Managers - Leadership or improve upon your people skills with Essential Managers - Managing People. Tailored to your business goals, discover the DK book that's right for you!

Why settle for mediocre management when you can be unbeatable in your business!