Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track

eBook cover of Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track

Published by DK

By Jim Slaughter

Read by Greg Lockett

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About Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track

Must-Have Advice on Running Effective and Organized Meetings

Easy, accessible, and to the point. Robert's Rules of Order Fast-Track gives you everything you need to know to conduct shorter, fairer, and more orderly meetings. In this new and improved update, you'll find:

-The fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, with tips on knowing which rules to use for your meetings.

-Simple suggestions for making, seconding, and debating motions.

-A primer on voting, from knowing when it's required, to breaking ties, to handling absentee and proxy votes.

-Straightforward strategies for setting and sticking to an agenda and efficiently recording your meeting's minutes.

-Tips for handling disruptive members and tyrannical chairs.