Your Gardening Year 2023

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Published by DK

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"Neatly laid out with additional pages for making notes, this diary is both inspiring and practical."

The English Garden

About Your Gardening Year 2023

An easy-to-use, beautifully illustrated book to help you know the key things to do in your garden through 2023.

How soon can I sow my sweet peas? When should I prune my clematis? What can I do to add plenty of winter colour to my borders? Is there anything to do in January? Find the answers to all these questions and more with Your Gardening Year 2023 - a book that every gardener should have as they embark on a new year of planting, sowing, pruning, and growing. This easy-to-use gardening guide is packed with essential tasks and top tips for every month of the year, with sections on general garden care, growing fruit and vegetables, and getting the best out of containers.

Discover which plants will look their best each month and mark the progression of the seasons with a dedicated note section so you can record your garden successes and make plans for next year. With beautiful illustrations to accompany each month, Your Gardening Year 2023 is a must-have resource for all gardeners--whether you're looking for a handy at-a-glance guide for yourself or a gift for a green-fingered loved one.

Get your gardening gloves on and join the journey as you explore:

- Twelve chapters, one for each month, featuring the following content
- 'Around the Garden' pages offer short, easy-to-follow garden tasks for a range of subjects, including 'General Care',
- 'Trees, Shrubs, and Climbers', 'Perennials, Annuals, Bulbs, and Bedding', and 'Containers', alongside a series of 'Ten-minute Tasks' to help readers make best use of their time in the garden
- Dedicated pages on 'The Kitchen Garden', with 'Harvest Highlights' showcasing the very best produce that month.
- Illustrated 'At Their Best' profile spreads showcase five plants with seasonal appeal.
- 'Get Ahead' activities for readers wanting to make the most of their time.
- A notes page for readers to record their gardening successes and observations.
- At-a-glance crop planner showing when to sow, plant out, and harvest popular vegetables and fruits.
- Beautiful illustrations to add a timely and inspirational reminder of the garden that month.

A must-have volume for the novice gardener looking for tips and tricks as they get into the rhythm of the gardening year, and doubling up as great gift purchase for the gardening lover in your life!