Hello Tiny World

Hardback cover of Hello Tiny World

Published by DK

By Ben Newell

RRP: £20.00

About Hello Tiny World

Venture into the tiny worlds of terrariums - from the creator of the most famous terrarium EVER.

Ben Newell shared his bioactive terrarium online and it went viral. Now, you can recreate your own living ecosystems, bug and non-bug versions alike!

Beginner-friendly projects start you off with the basics as you get to grips with substrates, watering, and hardscaping. Repurpose a spice jar to create a stunning yet small terrarium on a budget or start to add figurines to your tiny world to express your inner geek.

More ambitious projects soon follow, as you're introduced to the world of bonsai, aquatic and even carnivorous plants. Keep a lookout for an eight-eyed and eight-legged friend too!

With easy to follow step-by-steps of projects and practical know-how alongside deep dives into plant groups and care advice, you'll be well on your way into your very own terrarium wonderland with Hello Tiny World.