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Published by DK

By Ian Spence

RRP: £20.00

About RHS Gardening Through the Year

A new edition of this best-selling, easy-to-follow guide for beginner gardeners.

Let BBC Gardener's World writer Ian Spence tell you month by month what to do when in your garden, and show you exactly how to do it too. This fully illustrated book takes you systematically through the year, each chapter looking in-depth at one month at a time. A handy "To Do" list, along with "Last Chance" reminders and "Get Ahead" tips, gives you an overview of the month's tasks, followed by an inspirational gallery of "Star Plants" to showcase the visual highlights of the month. The rest of each chapter is packed with advice on plant care, maintaining garden features such as lawns and ponds, what to prune when, and illustrated step-by-step projects and gardening ideas. A photographic A-Z appendix of nearly 350 plants provides detailed information on growing habit and care.

This updated edition features brand-new visual galleries showcasing the year at a glance in your garden, e.g. How do you have year-round interest? How do you get year-round colour or scent? When is the "To Do" list at its shortest so you can take a holiday? Each month has updated Weather Watch and plant care information. Packed with essential gardening advice, RHS Gardening Through the Year is the must-have book for new gardeners and a trusty reference for old hands.