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Published by DK Children

RRP: £19.99

About WOW!

No two pages look alike in this eye-popping children's encyclopedia. Exploring everything from amazing animals to art, this book is packed with fun facts for kids.

With its unique visual approach, WOW! shows you a range of topics but presents them with a twist. Mingle with a bunch of snakes... on a ladder! Meet your mammal relatives in a photo album, or peek into a drawer full of prosthetic eyes to discover the science of genetics. An ice sculpture reveals the science behind states of matter, architectural marvels are displayed on a house of cards, and the story of space exploration is told through an astronaut's stamp collection.

This comprehensive children's book covers technology, Earth, people, nature, history, science, the human body, and much more. With something new to discover on every page, WOW! will consistently entertain and inform. It's the ultimate children's reference book.