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Published by DK Children

By Robert Winston

RRP: £12.99

"A great way to show how to have fun"


"I loved the photos and all the step by step instructions... if I had been younger I would have loved this book especially in the long school holidays"


"The experiments make you want to start straight away... with photographic step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the science behind them. They all inspire further learning too. A thoroughly great, quality book. Would recommend!"


"This book is bright, beautiful and colourful and has everything that the young and aspirational scientist might need to explore the world around them"


"The illustrations are very good and I would recommend it for any fans of science"


"I think this book is excellent... I can't wait to take it in to show my friends at school"


"It is really good if you like science and experiments... I recommend the book for Year Two and Key Stage Two children"


"Looking through they are certainly all exciting and challenging activities to inspire and possibly stretch the young STEM enthusiast"


About Science Lab

From racing wind up cars to making music with a homemade guitar, Science Lab will excite and inspire curious young minds.

Science Lab is packed with 25 exciting STEM activities, perfect for firing up kids' imaginations. Explore and discover beautifully illustrated science activities with an easy to follow guide that will explain how science, technology, engineering and maths shape the world around us.

A perfect balance between education and fun, Science Lab teaches young readers through each experiment, describing the science behind it and providing engaging STEM facts. The richly illustrated activities promote further thinking by suggested "Test and Tweak" notes. Encourage young readers to take their projects to the next level, while furthering their understanding of the science behind it.

Each activity has its own 'How It Works" section covering STEM principles to help young minds understand answers to their science curiosity, exercising cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills.

Learn The Science Behind 25 Amazing Projects

Science activities for kids that can be done at home. Leap into the exciting world of STEM where Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths combine in 25 fun and easy-to-do projects. Science Lab teaches young readers how to make impressive insulating gloves, stunning spaghetti towers, amazing automations, and explores many more educational activities.

STEM subjects are a crucial part of a child's education. Science Lab helps kids to practice STEM principles in a fun and engaging manner, while exercising motor skills and cognitive thinking. The four subject areas this book is based on are interrelated, and by combining them new insights, ideas and solutions to problems emerge. Science Lab will teach you the principles of engineering and the science behind it.

This STEM filled activity book is organised into four sections:
-Forces and Motion
-Liquids and Reactions
-Shapes and Structures
-Light and Sound

Science Lab combines fun and learning with hand-on activities that engages STEM principles. Authored by Robert Winston, a British Professor who has written more than 30 books on science and technology.