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Published by DK Children

By Robert Winston

RRP: £12.99

"An excellent book which really supports and fosters a love for science."

Parents in Touch

"An exciting, new interactive science book."

Parent Talk

"This is the best experiment book I ever read"


"A must read for all science enthusiast!"


"This is a great way to get your children interested in science and nature and to get them outside"


"The book is really full to the brim with great things to try"


"I enjoyed reading this book as it is very cool and creative"


"Excellent book, lots of great experiments for all ages and abilities"


"So many fantastic ideas for little (and big) mind"


About Outdoor Maker Lab

This fun, fact-filled book is brimming with exciting outdoor experiments to help budding boffins explore the science in their surroundings. Using household items, construct a water rocket and blast it skywards to learn about air pressure, or blow giant, long-lasting bubbles to reveal how surface tension works. Make a wormery and observe worms tunnelling, then build a diamond kite and discover the key to aerodynamics.

With stunning, brand-new photography, succinct step-by-step instructions, and rigorous attention to detail, young boffins will be excited from the get-go. With a foreword by Robert Winston, each activity has a clear How it works explanation, revealing the fascinating science behind the experiment, along with Real-world examples that show everyday scientific principles in action.

Full of amazing projects to inspire young scientists and outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Maker Lab takes readers out of the house on a journey to better understand their world - and beyond. It is a must-have for every young scientist who is curious about their surroundings.