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Published by DK Children

RRP: £14.99

"It is an amazing book and well worth a read with your kids... If you have inquisitive children then definitely buy it"


"An absolutely amazing books, full with nothing but tremendous facts about every different single thing you could think of"


"My five and a half year old (who is sometimes a bit of a reluctant reader) has pored over this book hours since it arrived... I am amazed at how much 'reading' he has done since we got this book, without him actually realising he is 'reading'"


"The only problem with this book is that we need more than one copy in our classroom - one isn't enough because so many people want to read it... it's that fascinating!"


"Riveting read about facts... A must have book"


"A jam packed book full of all sorts of information and interesting facts... It would be a great addition to any bookshelf or school library - it's both interesting and educational"


About What's Weird on Earth

Fact-hungry kids will love poring over these warped world maps full of unique and weird data. See how many lightning strikes hit parts of our planet, the wind patterns of the whole world, and even how the world map would look if global warming melted the ice caps!

Covering everything from Pangea to the world's weirdest natural wonders, this is Earth in all its strange glory. What's Weird on Earth is an entirely new atlas adventure, with maps of UFO sightings, popular foods, every country resized according to population density, and their popularity as holiday destinations. Kids can spot the strangest features on every corner of Earth; from ancient patterns carved in the desert sand to the 29,000 bath toys that sailed the world's ocean currents after a shipwreck.

Travel back in time to discover maps from previous centuries or turn the globe upside down - literally. Planet Earth will never seem the same again!