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Published by DK Children

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"A fascinating journey and strikingly visual"


About The Periodic Table Book

Richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and dazzling details of the elements that make up the physical world.

Does your little chemist have questions about the stuff that everything is made of? This visual reference book covers each of the 118 elements and includes a glossy pull-out poster of the periodic table.

This encyclopedia is a superb introduction to the subject of chemistry. Written with kids ages 9 to 12 in mind, using easy to understand language and straightforward fun facts. There's information on the scientists that made the first discoveries, and spectacular photos of large natural features, along with a simple explanation of what an atom is. Find out which of the things we see every day contain these common and unusual elements.

There's so much to discover about different elements, their atomic structure with the number of electrons, protons and neutrons, and the three states, solid, liquid or gas. Kids will learn that the copper used in computer motherboards is also what the Statue of Liberty is made of, and why it's green. Also learn about elements like Zinc - why the Japanese Akashi Bridge is coated in zinc, and why zinc is used in the soles of wellies to make the rubber tougher.

Each element is shown in its pure form in a stunning series of photos that will keep children engrossed in elemental science. The poster included with this education book is an added learning tool that shows how the elements are arranged on the periodic table. It's easier than ever to look up the basics of chemistry.

From Ac to Xe and all the elements between!

The multitude of photos, in this appealing format, makes learning the fundamentals of chemistry simple and enjoyable. This visual reference guide provides the reader with an overview of the most fascinating facts about the elements within us and around us.

- Large dazzling poster of the periodic table.
- Concise and bite-sized information makes it easy for young scholars to follow.
- Eye-catching and captivating photos of raw elements and what they are used in.