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Published by DK

By Trish Sebben-Krupka

RRP: £14.99

"The recipes in this book look so good you might want to change your diet forever"

Western Mail

"Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring"

Wales Online

"Hundreds of plant-based meals that not only look good and taste good but do you good as well"

The Journal

"Practical yet delicious recipes that offer both comfort and nutrition, perfect for everyday meals and treats"

Wallflower Girl

About Plant-Based Cookbook

Keen to cut back on meat and dairy? Trying to become a vegan but not sure what to eat? The Plant-Based Cookbook has over 200 delicious vegan recipes, plus essential practical information that will make it easier for you to transition to a new way of eating well.

Including delicious, easy-to-make dishes such as

- Breakfast Burritos

- Falafel Burgers

- Almond and Breadcrumb-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

- Mushroom Lasagna

The Plant-Based Cookbook covers everything from sauces and dressings to hearty stews, casseroles, breakfasts and more. The recipes are developed to have similar flavours and textures to your favourite meat and dairy dishes to ease you in to introducing plant-based dishes to your everyday diet.

Good for your heart, your health and your life, you'll be surprised how easily the Plant-based Cookbookleads you to a healthier lifestyle.