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Published by DK

By Niko Rittenau, Sebastian Copien

RRP: £20.00

About Healthy Vegan

Over 90 vegan recipes created using the latest nutrition research.

Ever wondered if you're getting enough protein or how to make healthy food taste delicious? Authors Niko Rittenau, nutrition scientist, and Sebastian Copien, chef, have the answers. Together, they applied the latest scientific findings on vegan nutrition to cooking, developing a simple formula for you to create a variety of healthy and tasty recipes.

Explore the science behind your food to really understand what you're eating, plus discover the nutritional value of creating your meals using Niko and Sebastian's five building blocks: grains, vegetables, leafy vegetables, pulses, and toppings. With this approach, the culinary opportunities are endless. By combining different recipes in this book, you can confidently rustle up healthy and delicious vegan dishes for breakast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

With over 90 recipes to get you started, plus tips and variations, Healthy Vegan The Cookbook is the companion to a plant-based diet that we all need.