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Published by DK

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""Modern Flexitarian offers tips on how toget started, sound advice on getting theright nutrients and simple substitutionsfor your favourite ingredients like milk, butter and cheese.""

Derby Telegraph

About Modern Flexitarian

Transition to a plant-based diet without giving up meat and dairy completely. You may not be quite ready to commit to a fully vegan or vegetarian lifestyle just yet, but Modern Flexitarian can help you make healthier, more sustainable meal choices.

If you're concerned about the nutritional, ethical, or environmental issues surrounding livestock farming, but struggling to give up meat and dairy entirely, a flexitarian diet might just be right for you. Featuring 100 vegan- or vegetarian-based recipes, every dish in Modern Flexitarian can be adapted to suit a variety of diets, so you can satisfy your bacon cravings without going the whole hog.

The plant-packed recipes in this collection provide plenty of options for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts, making it easy to increase your vegetable intake - and reduce your environmental impact - while still being able to enjoy dairy, eggs, and meat now and then. With tips on how to get started, sound advice on getting the right nutrients, and a sample weekly menu, Modern Flexitarian will help you make smart choices and embrace a mostly plant-based diet more easily.