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Published by DK Children

RRP: £22.00

About Picturepedia

Experience all the world's wonders at once in the ultimate children's encyclopedia.

Spilling over with history, science, space, nature, and much, much more, this visual home reference comes complete with more than 10,000 stunning photographs, illustrations, and maps. Every page is a mini-encyclopedia at your fingertips, perfectly designed to educate, engage, and entertain.

From microscopic insects to the Big Bang theory, Picturepedia explains every subject under (and including) the Sun to satisfy the curious minds of young readers. Discover the secrets of prehistoric life, explore the inner workings of the human body, and lead an orchestra of musical instruments through breathtaking photographic galleries and detailed graphics that explain every topic in incredible depth and detail.

With more than 150 essential topics covered, Picturepedia is ideal for homework, projects, or just for fun. This absolute must-have book is the ideal gift for young people keen to know about everything and anything.