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Published by DK

Foreword by Chris Packham

About Micro Life

Explore the miracles of the microscopic world.

Find out all about the unique and beautiful kingdoms of life at a microscopic scale and how every organism meets the challenges of survival no matter its size. The perfect book for people who enjoy photography, nature, and biology.

Inside the pages of this exciting nature book, you'll find:

- Microscopic life-forms (often neglected), and their larger life-forms in extreme close-ups, revealing details such as nerve cells and hair follicles
- Artworks support the beautiful images, providing a deeper insight into structure and function and building a picture of how living organisms work at a microscopic level
- Comprehensive coverage of the natural world, including all the main groups of living things
- Explores overlooked groups that have a huge role in the natural world: insects, which make up 80 percent of the world's animal species; and bacteria - of which there are more in a human mouth than there are people in the world
- The book is organised according to the main functions of life: movement, reproduction, energy and feeding, sensing the surroundings, defence, etc.
- Foreword for the book written by Chris Packham

Explore the inhabitants of an invisible world in incredible detail with this book which contains macro photography and spectacular microscope imagery. You'll have so much information about the hidden world of intricate structures beyond the naked eye. From the tiniest spiders and insects to even microscopic creatures such as bacteria and viruses, this book contains it all!

See the beauty of a pollen grain, a butterfly egg, the spore of a fungus, and a human's nerve cell in extreme close up. The amazing imagery in Micro Life contains focus-stacked macro photographs and micrographs (microscope images), including scanning electron micrographs. Illustrations in this book explain the science - from the workings of an insect's eye to how a plant "breathes" through its leaves.

Micro Life is an unexpectedly breathtaking look at the natural world. Find out how life works and how organisms solve the fundamental problems of movement, reproduction, energy, communication, and defence. Suitable for all the family, this stunning book makes a wonderful gift for those interested in photography, nature or biology.