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Published by DK Children

About Nature Spotter

Learn how to spot your favourite animals, insects, birds, and plants! This guide book will show you where to look for over 250 different species.

Britain and Northern Europe are brimming with wildlife and interesting plants waiting to be discovered! This nature book for children will open up their eyes to the magical world around them and encourage them to become real nature experts.

Nature Spotter (previously known as the Book of British Nature) is a wildlife encyclopedia and perfect for curious children aged 7-9 years old. Inside this pages of this nature book you'll discover:

- Guidance for readers on exploring the world around them in an environmentally friendly way
- Stunning photography, dynamic designs and beautiful illustrations on every page
- Feature boxes with information on both how to be a wildlife spotter, as well as details on animal habitats, providing in-depth information

What birds can you hear right now? What trees are growing at your school? Where do badgers hide during the daytime? Nature is bustling everywhere and all we need to do is open our eyes and ears to see the wonderful wild world that surrounds us. This fun and colourful field guide points out all the different species that can be found in Britain and Northern Europe; how they live, what they eat, and how to identify them.

Little nature spotters will be delighted to discover animals that live in town, on the coast, in freshwater, and fields. Learning the distinct characteristics of each creature and then identifying them will become a source of fun and learning when at home and travelling!