French Made Easy 10 Minutes a Day

French Made Easy 10 Minutes a Day

Published by DK

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Book description

Young learners learn best when activities last five to ten minutes, before they drift off task. The Made Easy 10 Minutes a Day series takes this to heart, providing quick language exercises for children-perfect for those time-to-fill moments at home, and based on one of the best and most effective learning strategies: little and often.

It only takes 10 minutes! In this French language workbook, young learners will challenge themselves for only ten minutes a day, racing against a clock to complete different exercises. Students will learn useful, everyday vocabulary including numbers, colours, sports, directions, food, and more. By consistently sitting down with this language workbook for only a few minutes a day, children will stay on task and learn more efficiently. Quick exercises in language and writing skills will help children understand French on a broader level. French Made Easy 10 Minutes a Day provides additional support and practice at home to develop language comprehension skills, but the quick time makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Series Overview: Made Easy 10 Minutes a Day is a series of home-learning workbooks, closely linked to the Canadian curriculum, that helps make learning easy...and so much fun. It provides quick exercises in math (including fractions, decimals, and problem solving) and language and writing skills (spelling, vocabulary, and phonics) for children aged 3-13 years. Using the attached 10-minute timer, these workbooks are ideal for children's "time-to-fill" moments at home and are based on the effective little-and-often learning strategy. Each book includes a 10-minute timer and easily photocopied pages, as well as tips, guidance, and answers for parents.