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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$31.99

"From prehistoric to modern times, this expertly designed survey delivers a wealth of information...this appealing, oversize volume will have readers poring over it again and again."

School Library Journal

"Brimming with colorful illustrations, this large-format book...offers a wealth of information about art."

Booklist Online

"'Children's Book of Art'' (DK) isn't just for kids. Lushly illustrated with hundreds of art works, this beautifully designed book has the depth and variety to engage art lovers of any age."

Boston Globe - Shelf Life Column in Sunday' Books Section

"Holiday Gift Guide: "What makes this starter art-history survey worth a look is not only the splashy, appealing array of photos that DK does so well, but its pairing of pieces with how-tos.""

Austin American-Statesman

"DK Publishing has one of the best art departments in children's book publishing. This is particularly demonstrated in the pages of their 'Children's Book of Art' which is enthusiastically recommended for family, school, and community library collections."

Children's Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)

"<i>Children's Book of Art</i> proves to be a well-organized, able introduction to the noteworthy names, styles, and works that form the basics of artistic knowledge. A solid overview of a topic that kids are ready to dig into."

"The Children's Book of Art is a bright, colorful, well laid out and thought out book offering from DK Publishers...Fascinating, fun stuff and I can't recommend this book more highly. This is my new '5 Star Read.' I think it's top notch and an excellent educational resource book."

"The pictures and history are presented in such a fun layout to maximize learning for both adults and kids, it might be hard to give this book away."

"A colorful and dynamic overview of art history for children. Covers artistic works, artists, styles and timelines of prominent artistic movements."

Metro Family Magazine (OK)


Colorado Parent magazine

"...a wonderful reference for children."

Rochester Deomocrat and Chronicle

About Children's Book of Art

Welcome to the greatest gallery on Earth.

Put yourself in the picture with this incredible visual guide displaying the best artistic works of all time. You're the very special guest with unlimited access to the world's most important art through the ages, from ancient cave paintings to modern-day street art.

On your journey through time, you'll see a wealth of valuable art, including Egyptian tomb paintings, Roman frescoes, Byzantine mosaics, and Chinese porcelain. Special attention is given to art from different eras, such as Aboriginal Dreamtime, Renaissance period, impressionism, contemporary art, and much, much more.

Watch the progression of artistic styles and techniques, such as oil painting, watercolor, pastels, and sculpture. Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol are just some of the big names from the past and present featured inside. Every talent's work is showcased through a signature piece supported by illuminating text, giving you a unique tour of each prestigious work of art.

Budding artists, this is all the inspiration you need to make your own masterpiece.