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Published by DK Children

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About Human Body

The first substantial human body encyclopedia aimed at young children, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia entertains and excites, while putting key biological information at young readers' fingertips.

Employing a dynamic visual approach, this children's encyclopedia explains how the body works through pictures, making the subject matter accessible and intuitive to readers of all ages. The accompanying text is simple, lively, and packed with amazing facts and surprising stories that appeal to curious minds. The book is divided into twelve sections. The first eleven chapters explore and explain major bodily systems, including bones and muscles, the digestive system, lungs and breathing, life cycle, senses, and the mind and psychology. Finally, the reference section provides readers with quizzes to test their personality and reasoning, and finishes with a timeline of key medical breakthroughs. Every spread in this book is devoted to explaining how different parts of the body work--from how the heart beats to the tiny white blood cells that attack germs. Specially commissioned 3-D imagery of the body systems and organs will delight every budding scientist and doctor! A perfect addition to any home or classroom STEM library.