Science You Can Eat

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Published by DK Children

By Stefan Gates

RRP: CA$21.99

About Science You Can Eat

Discover the seriously impressive science that goes on every time you cook or eat food. This children's book explores the science of food by asking the questions that you're hungry to know the answers to and providing you with the chance to test them out through fun experiments.

Science You Can Eat will transform your kitchen into a lab through 20 fun food experiments. Cooking is chemistry, and all of the fun science experiments inside this book are edible! This exciting kid's book tackles all those tasty science questions you have about food, plus plenty more that you hadn't thought of! Once you understand science, you understand food, so find out why popcorn go "pop" as you test it out for yourself, explore how taste is affected by smell, then discover the secret to making the perfect cookie.

Examining interesting ingredients and exciting eating, as well as peeking into the future of food, Science You Can Eat helps you understand what's happening with our food and why. Each page is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.