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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$23.49

About Mommy and Me Bake

Is your child a budding chef, always wanting to help in the kitchen? Do you want to encourage your child's cooking aspirations, but need recipes that are safe for children and things that you can cook together? Look no further than Mommy & Me Bake, the cookbook designed to offer parent and child the opportunity to work together as a team while teaching basic baking skills.

From simple kneading and mixing to creating whimsical designs and decorations that can be customized according to the creativity of your little chef, Mommy & Me Bake is designed to encourage experimentation, build self-esteem in your child, incorporate the silliness of cooking with a child, and encourage bonding and the joy of working together as parent and child. Every single recipe in Mommy & Me Bake is designed to teach, to be fun for children, and to taste delicious, so your child can be proud to share finished recipes at the family table or with friends!