How to Cook

eBook cover of How to Cook

Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$11.99

About How to Cook

A unique cookbook created for older kids and teenagers, How to Cook gives budding chefs the know-how and confidence to cook their own meals how they want, whether for themselves or to impress friends and family.

100 easy-to-follow recipes offer plenty of ideas to get them started. From Ginger-chicken stir-fry to scrumptious mini cheesecakes, there's a great balance of healthy meals and treats from different countries around the world.

How to Cook is more than just a recipe book - fascinating information on ingredients, origins, seasonality, healthy eating, and insights into food culture are spread throughout the text-so readers are kept informed about what they are eating, but in a light and fun way. Following a recent drive to educate young people in lifetime cooking skills, the recipes have been carefully selected to demonstrate a range of techniques. A special section at the back also focuses on key methods, so they will learn how to make a basic dough, bake a perfect pastry, or cook meat safely and effectively. These are cross-referenced to specific recipes in the book, but are also a useful resource on their own.

With this great selection of adaptable recipes, food facts, and fail-safe techniques, How to Cook will help teens get creative in the kitchen, and enthusiastic about food for life.