Get Started: Growing Vegetables

eBook cover of Get Started: Growing Vegetables

Published by DK

By Simon Akeroyd

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About Get Started: Growing Vegetables

Take the first step toward gardening expertise in Get Started Growing Vegetables: The Basics, part of a new series from DK. This easy-to-follow, structured learning guide allows you to start simple and learn the basics of gardening, build on what you've learned, and then show off your new skills!

Get Started Growing Vegetables: The Basics introduces you to the fundamentals of gardening and takes you through the process of planting common kitchen vegetables and fruits. Start by learning about soil types, choosing a planting site, and mastering key techniques, such as sowing seeds and watering plants. Move on to the easy-to-grow plants, like tomatoes, then advance to carrots and pumpkins. Soon, you'll have the skills to fill your kitchen with homegrown, seasonal produce!

Clear, dynamic photography takes you step-by-step through the planting and harvesting process for each project and shows realistic images to compare with your own results. Get Started Growing Vegetables: The Basics also includes helpful troubleshooting advice, expert tips, and suggestions for further projects.

Perfect for beginners, Get Started Growing Vegetables: The Basics will have you growing your own tasty fruits and veggies in no time!