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Published by DK

By Alan Buckingham

RRP: CA$31.99

About The Kitchen Garden

In tune with the popular move toward fresh, local, and homegrown food, The Kitchen Garden lets you get the most from your garden and helps to dramatically reduce the amount you spend on produce at the supermarket.

This new edition of the bestselling guide from Alan Buckingham is filled with seasonal advice, essential to-do lists, and essential fruit and vegetable crop planners. Discover how to grow fresh, seasonal produce in your garden all year round, and take the uncertainty out of your harvest with clear, reliable gardening advice for every month.

In-depth crop planners show you when to sow and how to cultivate more than 60 herbs, fruit, and vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, and apples. Month-by-month alerts help you guard against the season's garden pests and diseases to ensure a top-quality harvest. Prioritize key tasks, learn crop rotation techniques, and try step-by-step garden projects, such as sowing peas in guttering and making your own compost bin.

Ideal for first-time vegetable growers, urban gardeners, and seasoned gardeners alike, The Kitchen Garden has everything you need to know to make the most of your plot.