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Published by DK

By Huw Richards

RRP: CA$31.99

About Grow Food For Free

Zero cost, low effort and a long-term solution to your fresh produce needs! 

Grow your own food in your home garden, acreage or container, and look forward to a bountiful harvest year-round. You can plant fruit and veggies at home without spending a penny, and Huw Richard’s shows you how.

Packed with tried-and-tested advice, this gardening book covers:

   • Finding a space to grow — in the yard or on a terrace or balcony — and sourcing the materials you need
   • Deciding what to grow your crops in (the ground, a raised bed or containers)
   • Clear growing instructions on more than 30 species of popular annual and perennial crops
   • Huw Richards’ 52-week journal of how he grew his own food for free for a year without spending a penny
   • Advice on how to go about selling your produce to raise money to expand your growing area

Author Huw Richards is a man on a mission. He is passionate about teaching you how to garden and grow your own food. Years of experience and trying different things has taught Huw how to garden with little money (or without a garden) and he shows you how to do the same! Grow Food for Free teaches you how to produce no-cost, low-maintenance fruit and veggies — and finding low-cost ways to overcome common gardening worries. 

Learn about the space you need and how to prepare it, make your own compost, tackle weeds, pests, and diseases, and how to get hold of your first set of seeds! Discover strategies to expand your garden. Can’t afford a raised bed? Try repurposing an old wooden pallet. Don’t have money to buy lots of different seeds? Look in your kitchen cupboards for food that you can plant. This home gardening book shows you everything you need to barter, borrow, repurpose, and propagate your way to a bountiful harvest without burdening your bank balance!